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Official Website of Karan Verma : Author, Public Speaker & Entrepreneur!!

    Public Speaker, Entrepreneur & Author

About the Author

KARAN VERMA is a ‘Jack of all trades’ and a ‘Master’ of some. His debut Novel – ‘Jack & Master’ became a National Best-Seller within 3 months of its release and is still ruling the charts. This young lad from Lucknow is a cult figure amongst students and young corporates who’ve attended his sessions, workshops and read his inspirational Novel.


  • The birth of Jack & Master...(the craziest day of  my life)
    The birth of Jack & Master...(the craziest day of my life)

    They say creativity is born out of peace and solititude..Well I beg to differ and trust me my Eureka moment happened on the craziest day of my life..

    Ya right..the craziest day of my life..I remember it as if it was yesterday..I was in my final year Engineering at I.E.T Lucknow..The placement season was round the corner and the students looked as if they were on a mission to save Mother Earth.

Karan's Talks


reviewed it as ‘one of the most wholesome and engaging novels’ of recent times and hailed the author

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